Entertainment vs Work – How to Manage?

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Work-from-home has increased the use of personal computers to help students and employees remain productive. If you also multitask by watching Netflix, browsing, gaming, and working side by side, you might feel tangled in so many apps and windows opened on the computer screen. SmartWindows brings a one-stop solution for you to keep entertainment and work separate and organize the apps in a very efficient manner. Manage your work life and entertainment life with SmartWindows and get a customized experience.

The following are some ways in which you can separate your work life and entertainment life with SmartWindows.

Create Multiple Profiles

If you are using one PC for both work and entertainment purposes, it is better to create multiple user profiles dedicated to work and entertainment separately. Each user profile can be used for a specific purpose. For instance, if you are using a profile solely for work purposes, you can install and use any desktop app that is for our work. Manage the storage and data effectively in that user profile. A work profile can be customized and it can help you

  • Work on MS Office files such as Word, Excel, Project, Powerpoint, etc.
  • Use multiple browsers 
  • Create interactive designs using Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.
  • Code on IDEs for development purposes

No matter what job you are doing, a separate work profile helps you start work straightforwardly. Moreover, it ensures the enhanced performance of your computer that the processor is dedicated to processes that are related to work only. When you are doing both coding and gaming at the same time, the processor will be overloaded. 

Similarly, a dedicated entertainment profile will help you do just fun stuff. The entertainment profile would be dedicated to the browsers for gaming, and the desktop apps for fun purposes. For example, an entertainment profile can be devoted to:

  • Games
  • Music
  • Streaming
  • Watching movies
  • Netflix
  • Social media

And much more…

SmartWindows makes your Windows 10 smarter to help manage both work and personal profiles on a single PC. an organized way of working helps you remain productive at work and do gaming without any delays. To get a seamless experience, SmartWindows gives your Windows the capability to create unlimited profiles. Not only this, but it also helps you organize the apps on your desktop screen according to your liking. Once all apps are arranged, you can save the configuration of the display screen and SmartWindows will remember the window size and display position of all the apps. With just one click, you are ready to work with an auto-arranged visually clean interface on computer startup.

Multiple Displays

SmartWindows allows you to create multiple displays on one user profile. Each display can be dedicated to the specific nature of work you’re doing. For instance, if you are not using multiple user profiles, you can also separate the work and entertainment by using the multi-display feature of SmartWindows. This feature allows you to arrange your work apps on one display and entertainment apps on the other. The configuration of window size and the display position of each display can be saved with SmartWindows. 

The multiple display support of SmartWindows allows you to separately manage the work and entertainment-related apps in a highly efficient manner. With this, you can switch between displays to work and have fun accordingly. 

Use Different Browsers

The third way to separate the work and entertainment profile is to use different browsers and email accounts for both. For instance, if you are using one browser for both research and gaming, watching videos, etc. the browser will start consuming so much memory and can affect the performance of your PC. You can curb this issue by using separate browsers for both purposes. SmartWindows gives you multi-browser and multi-tab support. It helps you reopen closed tabs of all the browsers with just one click. You can use browsers in each profile dedicated to work and entertainment. This will also optimize the performance of your PC. 


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